About us

A multiprofile repair and building company Balt-Stroy was established in 1999 as a result of merging of two Saint-Petersburg building companies LLC RosBusiness and Joint-stock company Trust № 17. Each company had its own 6 –7 years experience both within St.-Petersburg’s repairing and building market of and many regions of The Russian Federation.

Balt- Story Company, which employs about 100 people, is a mobile enterprise with high potential in various types of business activities. Having a significant database in various fields, the company is oriented to the most up-to-date building technologies and uses only high-quality materials which are imported or home-produced. We developed and put into operation more than 1 300 000 square meters of building areas within last 10 years.

The range of works:


  • all cycle of works, advanced technologies, facade warmth-keeping systems,


  • Reconstruction of industrial and public buildings
  • Bearing metal and concrete constructions
  • Constructing few- storied buildings and constructions
  • Finishing works
  • Setting the inside engineering systems
  • Works according to industrial mountaineering technology
  • Heat and water insulation works
  • Corrosion protection works
  • Roof works (more than 20 various roofing materials/guaranteed for ten to twenty years)

Structural glazing – “spider glass”

Having available circulating capital, our own technical base, means of small-scale mechanization, high-qualified experts and long-term partnership with material suppliers, we have possibility to be a general contractor, concentrate full complex of building works in our hands, which enables to implement all works on a high-professional scale at minimum prices. The mobility of the company enables to implement works in different regions.

Our customers are such famous companies as:

  • Open Joint-Stock Company “LMZ”
  • “Turboatomgaz” Factory
  • Research-manufacturing Company “Azimut” Olenegorsk
  • Joint-stock Company “TROYa”
  • Joint-stock Company car company “Armando”, Moscow
  • Joint-stock Company “ERA”
  • Joint-stock Company “Morskoi port Sankt-Peterburga”
  • Joint-stock Company “Vserossiiskii Alyuminevo-Magnievyi Institut”
  • Research-manufacturing Company “Impul’s”
  • Joint-stock Company “Kol’skaya gorno-metallurgicheskaya kompaniya”, Monchegorsk
  • Joint-stock Company “Kirovskii zavod”, Saint-Petersburg.
  • Tobacco factory “R J R PETRO” Saint-Petersburg
  • Joint-stock Company “Geizer”
  • Joint-stock Company “Finansovaya Stroitel’naya Korporaciya”, Saint-Petersburg
  • Joint-stock Company “Kombinat Severonikel'” and others.

We have set a reliable partnership with suppliers and producers of building materials: warmth-keeping lagging, ceramic granite, natural stone, fibrocement slabs, composite materials (alucobond etc.).

The advantage of our company is that appearing in the role of general contractor we implement full complex of building works. This contributes to intensified productivity and provides supervising the quality by the experts.

“Balt-Stroy” Company sells facade technologies deserving special attention of those people, who value quality and care of facade design. Currently we offer several ventilated facade systems. All these systems are developed by experts of our company with due regard for climate conditions on the territory of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. In order to reduce the cost of the system as a whole and make it more accessible for home Customer, “Balt-Stroy” Company uses its own subconstructions, which we developed on the basis of analogues of German and Finnish systems.

We put an emphasis on the fact, that we produce all components of the system with high-precision German equipment. Knowing the climate conditions and specific character of building in Russia; unevenness of walls, constructed by builders, technical and economic indexes of building, the “Balt- Stroy” experts will select optimum type of system, taking into account customer’s financial resources and wishes.

If achieve Customer’s agreement for assembling “VENTILATED FACADE”, “Balt- Stroy”, Company will implement as a bonus a design- project of future facade of a building.

Technical staff of the company regularly improves its knowledge in new building technologies: development of building materials and equipment, participating in seminars, establishing communication with home and foreign colleagues.

Project- technology group experts are always ready to consult you and answer the questions, which are of interest for you. Applying to professional builders, you safe your funds and time.